Egypt in the Bible

Beginning with an introduction to the physical setting, history, religion, and language of Egypt, this class explores the significant role played by Egypt in the biblical narratives. Discover the Egyptian influences on the writer of the Pentateuch. Gain new insights into Egypt’s role in the life of the patriarchs. Explore how Egyptian bondage affected the nation of Israel, and how God delivered Israel from bondage with particular focus on the Egyptian gods. This class served as background preparation for the recent trip to Egypt. Sessions can now be viewed online. Resources are available for download.

Pastor Dave is a knowledgeable Bible Study teacher, a caring pastor, and an experienced tour leader. I appreciate his enthusiasm and knowledge of the Bible history and locations he’s led us to visit. His courses have made the biblical passages come alive for me! He truly makes the Bible our own experienced testament.
Dr. Alice Addison


Previous Classes

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