My passion is to touch the mind and heart with the wonder of God’s creation and story,
strategically applying insights that foster growth and renewal in individual and corporate life.
David Vasquez

Personal strengths

  • Learner and teacher whose goal is to bring fresh insight from the Scripture to the pulpit, classroom, and individual conversation.
  • Team player who encourages co-workers in their personal and professional growth.
  • Strategist who helps people see patterns in complexity, envision alternative scenarios, and choose paths that lead to results.
  • Systems thinker who instinctively designs and structures systems to accomplish goals. 
  • Generalist and specialist who performs well researching, developing, and implementing specific plans that contribute to an overall objective, and then moving to the next challenge.


  • Doctor of Ministry in Organizational Leadershiip from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN 2006
  • Master of Divinity in Practical Theology from Talbot Seminary in La Mirada CA 1976
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from U.C.L.A. in  Westwood CA 1970

Vocational experience

  • New Life Community Church, Pismo Beach CA  (Semi-retired)
  • Taught online and in-person classes
  • Conducted tours of Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt
  • New Life Community Church, Pismo Beach CA
  • Freed the senior pastor to preach and impact the community
  • Developed a new mission statement and ministry strategy
  • Managed a ministry and support staff of 40 people
  • Managed a $4 million budget
  • Produced a 100-page ministry analysis and strategic plan using the 8S Organizing approach
  • Preached and led the preaching team during a period of declining health of senior pastor
  • Led the church through a period of grief when the senior pastor died
  • Helped lead an 14-month transition and the search for a new senior pastor
  • Helped with installation of a new lighting and sound system during the interim
  • Supervised the construction of a large prayer walk across the front of the church property in memory of the senior pastor
  • Conducted the senior pastor’s memorial service attended by 2000+ people in-person and online
  • Helped transition the church to new senior pastor leadership
  • Evangelical Free Church, Fresno CA
  • Directed leadership team in developing core values, mission statement, and ministry strategy.
  • Worked to align ministry areas and church communications (“image” and “branding”) with the mission and strategy.
  • Supervised a staff of 20 full-time and 20 part-time individuals.
  • Led the senior staff team through regular developmental training.
  • Successfully led church in 14-month transition between senior pastors.
  • Collaborated with the preaching, music, and drama teams to design coherent worship experiences. Preached in worship services.
  • Prepared and supervised administration of $3 million budget.
  • Converted profit-and-loss to fund accounting system.
  • Converted  to a web-based software system with task-tracking to help people engage and keep newcomers from “falling through the cracks.”
  • Preserved the early history of the church in a digital media archive of valued historical documents, images, and stories (video interviews with founding and early members)
  • Evangelical Free Church, Fresno CA
  • Directed eleven adult fellowship groups and elective program with faculty of 40 teachers.
  • Developed curriculum taught by himself and others.
  • Directly supervised Evangelism Explosion ministry that graduated over 300 people.
  • Expanded church library to 10,000 volumes and computerized the check-out system.
  • Wrote a comprehensive adult ministries operations manual.
  • Developed an integrated premarital system utilizing pastoral counseling, classes, and mentors.
  • Developed a system to connect people to ministry that aligns with their passion and gifting.
  • Assisted in the development of a ministry to the deaf and led search for deaf ministries pastor.
  • Led church-wide events.
  • Evangelical Free Church, Fresno CA
  • Supervised the junior high, senior high, and college departments.
  • Developed and led lay ministry teams for each department.
  • Supervised weekly programming for Sunday morning and evening, Wednesday and Friday nights, as well as monthly and quarterly events.
  • Bethany Baptist Church, West Covina CA
  • Developed outreach program to youth that reached 800 students.
  • Received training in all areas of ministry from children to adults: education, pastoral care, evangelism, administration.


Linda Vasquez
 • Wife of 52 years
 • Consummate servant and encourager

Todd Vasquez
 • Husband of Lisa and two daughters
 • Ph.D. Constructive Theology, Loyola University, Chicago IL
 • Director of Online Education and adjunct professor, Fresno Pacific University

Troy Vasquez
• Husband of Allison, four daughters, three sons, grandson
• Owner, Digital Attic, Fresno CA

Travis Vasquez
 • Husband of Lisa and son
 • Director of Communication, Northwest Church, Fresno CA
Freelance Graphic Designer

Favorite things

  • Participating in inspiring worship 
  • Taking a walk in nature
  • Gaining a new insight into God’s word 
  • Facilitating a discussion with “sparks”
  • Listening to music with headphones
  • Seeing someone have an “aha” while I teach
  • Spending time with my wife, kids and grandkids
  • Sensing the Spirit and moving with Him
  • Taking people to the Holy Land
  • Journaling by a lake
  • Seeing someone accept Christ
  • Reading a good book
  • Accomplishing a goal together with others
  • Watching a great play or movie
  • Leading a productive meeting
  • Collecting and organizing great thoughts
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